Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, indie rock band Satellite Train is formed of veterans of Icehouse, AC/DC, James Reyne, Paul Kelly and The Black Sorrows, along with a few US friends: Michael Paytner, Susan Turner, Randy Jacobs, Shane O’Mara, Jamie Muhoberac, John Mcall, Pasquale Monea, John Watson, Chris Chaney.

The band’s music draws heavily on real-life experiences and emotions. Each song is created quickly, capturing a specific feeling or moment in time. We hope this raw authenticity resonates with listeners and creates a connection with some listeners.

Whilst the bulk of their music falls predominantly under the indie rock umbrella, elements of classical, jazz, pop and gospel music can all be found in their music, reflecting on the rich musical background of each band member.

Frontman Michael Paytner is known for being one of Australia’s most gifted singer-songwriters and has supported stars such as Miley Cyrus, The Script, and Seal. Michael is also a band member of the popular Australian band Icehouse.

To kickstart their 2024, Satellite Train have released a 10-track album titled The Melbourne Sessions, with the lead single ‘Wings’.

“The Melbourne Sessions” album revolves around the theme of freedom, and “Wings” embodies that hopefully. Wings is about individuality, breaking free, and soaring like an eagle. It can be interpreted on different levels, Maybe on one level, giving your partner the freedom and space to be themselves instead of trying to control them.

With uplifting chord progressions, soulful vocals, and a sprinkling of gnarly guitar riffs, ‘Wings’ is sure to put a smile on the face of whoever takes a listen.

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  • Sanic Creative
    "Hey!! really attention-grabbing song! i feel it's tons of rythm which i really like the melody!"
  • Vijay Fernandez
    "Rich and varied! A lovely track which starts off just like a ballad but quickly evolves into a kaleidoscope of sonic variations captivating your senses in the process."
  • 20 Year Short Break
    "Very nice chorus with superb background vocals arrangement. Song is very solid, production and performance as well - 5 stars deserved!"
  • Lazy Frenzy
    "Loved the instrumentation arrangement, it was quite sophisticated and engaging."
  • Trap Town Records
    "Hello! Good work on this. A very nice concept, relaxed and smooth, with a balanced flow and a good touch on the production quality, turning it into an enjoyable listen. Good work!"
  • Hidden Sounds
    "The instruments are beautiful. Vocals and melody are also in harmony. Good song"
  • Just Sauce Records
    "i love this"
  • B & W Music Peru
    "Tiene el matiz de una cancion del oeste , muy buena con la voz e instrumentacion bien implementada."
  • Golden Frame
    "Hey, this is nice song, I like it. It's amazing tune with a beautiful vocal talent and a smooth rhythm choice! well done"
  • Israel Rodriguez
    "Vocally very good, the style attracts me, their harmonies are pleasant, they are enjoyed. the instrumental composition is professional, well balanced, with pleasant melodies."
  • Plugin Music
    "Loved the melodies and production."
  • El Guru De La Musica
    "it sounds expressive and compelling"
  • Music Glory
    "Very cool vocals, awesome chorus, excellent job!"

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