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Introducing debut single “Superstar” by Satellite Train, a song that captures the passion and love of Aussie Rules Football. Released on March 17, 2023, this energetic pop anthem aims to resonate with fans of the sport, delivering an exhilarating experience akin to the highs and raw emotions felt on the field.

The song was crafted with a live feel, featuring a first take recording of drums, bass guitar, piano, and guitars, with vocals and keyboards layered on top. The musicians, hailing from Australian and American bands, bring a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to the table, resulting in a dynamic sound that draws from classical, jazz, and contemporary influences.

Satellite Train’s debut single release “Superstar” has already garnered attention, with early mixes generating buzz on Instagram and Spotify. The band’s organic growth on Instagram has amassed over 12,000 followers.

Featuring Michael Paynter, a touring member of renowned bands Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes, Satellite Train carries the weight of their musical pedigree. The band’s lineup is further enriched by the exceptional talents of its members, who have played alongside some of the industry’s biggest names.

Chris Chaney, a member of Miley Cyrus’s band, brings his masterful bass guitar skills to Satellite Train, infusing their sound with a captivating rhythm and groove that adds depth and vibrancy to their music.

Jamie Muhoberac, known for his work with John Mayer, contributes his extraordinary keyboard talents to Satellite Train’s compositions. His expertise in crafting melodic arrangements on the keyboard enhances the band’s sound, creating captivating layers and textures that elevate their music to new heights.

John McCall, a member of The Black Sorrows, adds his distinct musical style to Satellite Train by playing the piano. With his involvement, the band gains a powerful presence and a seasoned perspective, enriching their performances with his experience and artistry.

Randy Jacobs and Shane O’Mara, who have both collaborated with Paul Kelly, bring their diverse musical backgrounds and unique guitar approaches to Satellite Train. Their contributions inject a rich blend of influences into the band’s sound, creating a captivating fusion of styles that sets them apart.

Pasquale Monea, formerly from The Stephen Cummings Band, contributes his unique and melodic bass style to Satellite Train’s compositions. His inventive bass lines add depth and a distinctive flair to the band’s sound.

Susan Turner, known for her haunting vocal sound from the band The Ruby Set, brings her captivating voice to Satellite Train. Her emotive and evocative singing style adds a mesmerizing quality to their music, captivating listeners with every note.

John Watson, a member of James Reyne, lends his exceptional talent to Satellite Train, further enhancing their musical prowess. With his contributions, the band gains a strong foundation and an unwavering dedication to their craft.

Additionally, Gregg Bissonette, a member of Ringo Starr’s band, adds his exceptional drumming skills to Satellite Train’s music, infusing it with a driving rhythm and infectious energy.

With such a stellar lineup and a wealth of experience behind them, Satellite Train combines their individual musical accomplishments to create a unique and captivating sound. The band’s pedigree and passion shine through in their music, promising an exhilarating experience for listeners and cementing their status as a rising force in the music industry.

With Superstar’s potential to become an anthem for Aussie Rules Football, Satellite Train envisions the song receiving airplay and potentially being picked up by Australian sporting shows as a backdrop for their broadcasts. The band’s goal is to create awareness and interest in Australia, tapping into the existing fan base for the sport, where crowds range from 10,000 to 100,000 per game.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support an Australian band on the rise. Satellite Train’s “Superstar” captures the essence of Aussie Rules Football and carries the energy to elevate any listener. Let’s unite the nation through the power of music and embrace the unique sound of Satellite Train. Visit their website for additional information and press links.