Satellite Train tap into themes of freedom with “Wings”

Earmilk - Wings

Melbourne-hailing indie rock band Satellite Train tap into themes of freedom across the 10 tracks of new album The Melbourne Sessions, with a core message of breaking free and embracing our true selves, best encapsulated by lead single “Wings.”

A soaring and empowering anthem built on uplifting chord progressions, soulful vocals and a sprinkle of gnarly guitar riffs, the track makes for joyous listening experience as it urges us to give others the space to be themselves. 

Showcasing a blend of indie rock umbrella, elements of classical, jazz, pop and gospel, the band draws from real life stories to weave intimate but relatable tales.Rooted in celebrating individuality, the track and album is crafted to be authentic yet resonant as it puts a smile on the faces of anyone tuning in.

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