When Ringo Starr called

The Beatles are one of the many influences on Satellite Train’s music. Earlier this year, in a studio session, we were recording drums for a song which was based on a Ringo Starr signature part. In discussing the Beatles and Ringo’s style, we decided that one particular signature Ringo part would be a fitting match for the song.

During the interval between takes, Ringo called into the studio as we were listening back to the recording. Ringo asked one of the musicians what he was doing and he replied that we were ripping off one of his signature drum parts. I will not mention the hilarious response Ringo had to this, but it made us all laugh.

It meant something to those in the room to have someone we respect on the line. Even if it was unrelated to the project and nothing more than a coincidence. Now, whenever I hear that song, I am reminded of that funny moment when someone we have the utmost respect for and had an influence on our music just happened to call in.