TJPL News – SATELLITE TRAIN – Broken Heart (Promo Mix) – SINGLE REVIEW


Broken Heart

Melbourne, Australia

Classic rock, 80s pop, funk and blues. Wrap it all up and pump out a single that has enough soul in it to melt the iceberg that sunk the Titanic and you are left with Satellite Train’s latest single, ‘Broken Heart’. The mix of attitudes, rhythms, textures and tones push this pop/rock single to great heights. It’s loud and full of vibrant sounds that lift you up out of cold waters and into the heated streams of starlight. Satellite Train have delivered big time with ‘Broken Heart’, and I can’t wait for even more.

The sound that arrives can only be likened to the 80s greats. The ballads that were belted out of stadiums, heartthrobs in leather trousers, rocking perms and heels. The vocals match that legendary quality, rising high, catching grit and coming down smooth and sultry. The instrumental hits those highs also. It’s alive, wonderful. Guitars flare, the bass line is crisp and melodic and the drums splash and ride the melody into the cool night sky. When the chorus hits it is a calamitous revival of the rock gods now gone. It’s a ballad for the now, once you listen to ‘Broken Heart’ there are two surefire outcomes. One, you will yearn for more Satellite Train, more classic sounds with modern twists. Two, ‘Broken Heart’ will be on every playlist you have. A creative and perfected twist on a sound that will surely never die.