The haunting melodies of Rebecca Barnard

In the early years, Satellite Train collaborated with a number of highly talented musicians and singers. One of these singers was Rebecca Barnard. We experimented with one vocalist singing verses and another singing choruses. It was an interesting concept to experiment with. Rebecca was probably the most experienced of the vocalists we were working with at the time, weaving some beautiful and haunting melodies.

Additionally, Rebecca is a songwriter, producer, and musician. Most people are familiar with her as the lead singer of the band Rebecca’s Empire from 1993 to 2000. Since then, she has established a solo career with her debut album, Fortified, followed by her sophomore album, Everlasting. In 2017, Rebecca released a solo album titled Music for Listening and Relaxation. In 2022, Barnard recorded her first solo jazz album, The Night We Called It A Day, which was recently released.

Even though Rebecca is not featured on any of the released Satellite Train material, we may release a side release of one of the demos she sang on, “Nothing In This World,” which was co-written with Shane O’Mara. Listen to Rebecca’s musical voice and follow her if you like what you hear!.

As an artist in her own right, Susan is a member of The Ruby Set, formerly known as Opaque. The material of The Ruby Set is described as “songs about love and loss” and Susan incorporates this element into Satellite Train’s sound. As a musical act, The Ruby Set toured extensively. Susan is expected to release brand-new material in the near future. We look forward to featuring some of that music as soon as it is released.