That day when the power went out.

We once borrowed a drum machine for the purpose of recording a demo song. Drum programs would be stored in the memory of this type of machine. We were recording a demo of a song entitled “Nothing In This World”. Rebecca Barnard performs the vocals on this song. The song was co-written with Shane O’Mara. During the demo session, the power blacked out and the drum machine programs were somehow erased.

We soon discovered that the drum programs of the drummer’s band from which we borrowed the drum machine had also been erased. Two days later, they were performing songs from their debut album at an outdoor concert when the drummer realized the drum programs had been deleted. Up until this point, the drummer played along with the drum machine live in an effort to preserve the sound of the album while at the same time giving it a bit of a live feel. Well, he had to play the drums on his own for this performance. Though I did not attend the concert, I heard that they were a bit underwhelming.

It was the last time I saw that drum machine and the last time I spoke with anyone in that band. Although they never believed the power outage story, it actually occurred. Our intention is to release the demo track of “Nothing In This World” in the future, which was recorded using that drum machine on the night the power blacked out.