Susan Turner, the sounds of love and loss

Susan Turner is an Australian singer and songwriter. Satellite Train’s signature sound is perfectly complemented by Susan’s moody and ethereal vocal style. As a result of the creative input she provided and her passion for perfection, Satellite Train was able to raise the bar. It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Susan.

Susan focused on creating rich harmonies with haunting melodic flows as she worked through her parts. Susan blended detailed harmony parts with haunting and improvised vocal melodies. “James Dean” is one of our upcoming releases that features Susan Turner, and we are excited about its release.

As an artist in her own right, Susan is a member of The Ruby Set, formerly known as Opaque. The material of The Ruby Set is described as “songs about love and loss” and Susan incorporates this element into Satellite Train’s sound. As a musical act, The Ruby Set toured extensively. Susan is expected to release brand-new material in the near future. We look forward to featuring some of that music as soon as it is released.