“Superstar” reviewed by Couch Magazine Australia

From Melbourne to the World: “Superstar” by Satellite Train Captures the Excitement of Aussie Rules Football

Satellite Train, an Australian band comprised of some of the finest musicians from both Australia and the US, have just unveiled their debut single “Superstar,” an anthemic tribute to Aussie Rules Football that is part of “The Melbourne Sessions” song collection.

As soon as this song starts, you can feel the energy and excitement being generated by Icehouse’s Michael Paynter and an upbeat melody which will have your feet tapping and head nodding along with him.

“Superstar” is truly remarkable because the band managed to perfectly represent the passion and enthusiasm associated with Aussie Rules Football through music. They managed this by perfectly recreating a game’s rush even for those unfamiliar with its intricacies; an excellent representation of everything Aussie Rules stands for – community spirit passion competition!

Satellite Train has taken an unconventional approach to their music releases, simultaneously unveiling two collections – “The Melbourne Sessions” and “Spacewalk.” “The Melbourne Sessions” features Australian musicians in raw live sound with no rehearsals beforehand or second or third takes during recording process; creative process was guided by music charts allowing Satellite Train to capture energy of live performance without preconceived notions about songs being covered.

“Spacewalk” on the other hand features a more refined alternative pop sound with Australian and American musicians who form Satellite Train. Both collections of songs will appeal to different listeners; however, there may still be some overlap.

Satellite Train has set an exemplary example with their track, “Superstar.” This upbeat and anthemic track captures the spirit and passion associated with Australian Rules Football – we can only anticipate seeing what else they have planned! We look forward to the release of more music from them soon!

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