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Sport and music unite in Satellite Train’s new single

Eighties music lovers in general, but especially AOR, will be delighted with the new single from the Satellite Train project. After all, we are facing a track that brings all the traits of the songs of that time, mainly based on the mentioned style, in addition to a lot of propriety and, most importantly, without forced sounding.

Part of the compilation “The Melbourne Sessions”, which is a way for the band to release their compositions, the song shows solid foundations, but smooth guitars, taken straight from the kitchen and keyboards that make a bed without discretion, in addition to the melody in generous doses. All with a powerful and balanced female vocal at the front.

The song was created to inspire lovers of aussie rules football, also known as Australian football, which, like its relative, rugby, is one of the most popular sports in Australia, the homeland of the band from Melbourne. Let’s face it, the style fits perfectly as an incentive for competitions.

Moreover, fans of names like Magnum, Journey, Boston and Toto will be delighted with this powerful song, which can also remind us of film soundtracks from the 80s and 90s.