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18 April 2023|MUSIC, NEWS, Podcast, Review

“Satellite Train Scores a Goal with Debut Single ‘Superstar'”

The newest single from Satellite Train, “Superstar,” is a sincere homage to the thrill and ferocity of Aussie Rules Football. With Michael Paynter of Icehouse handling the vocals, the Australian alt rock band boasts a stellar lineup of accomplished musicians from both Australia and the US. The song “Superstar” exemplifies the group’s distinctive sound, which deftly combines 80s-style anthemic sentiments with elements of alternative pop and classic rock.

The track is a standout from the band’s debut collection, “The Melbourne Sessions.” While Satellite Train’s approach to releasing music is unorthodox, dropping tracks from two collections simultaneously, it certainly pays off in the form of an infectious, classic sound that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

“The Artist” impresses with his ability to perfectly capture the excitement and energy of Aussie Rules Football in “Superstar.” The song is super catchy, and it’s impossible not to be swept up in its anthemic chorus. Even those who aren’t die-hard fans of the sport will be able to appreciate the electrifying energy and passion that “Superstar” embodies.

Ultimately, “Superstar” by Satellite Train is a superb debut track that brilliantly displays the group’s excellent musical ability and distinctive sound. It’s obvious that the band has a deep love for music and Aussie Rules, and this comes through in a fantastic song that will leave listeners eager for what’s to come. Satellite Train succeeds with “Superstar,” establishing itself as a force in the alt-rock scene.

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