“Wings” the wind that strengthens us to reach the sky

Satellite Train - Music For All - Wings

“Wings” the wind that strengthens us to reach the sky

Directly from the album “The Melbourne Sessions”, the delicious song “ Wings ” by SATELLITE TRAIN finds a space to make its home in our hearts.

Mesmerizing vocals dance in the air, accompanied by the energetic and tasty melody, enhanced by the guitar riffs, the brightness of the keyboard and the vigor of the drums, producing rich colors and textures, which take us back to the great classics that composed the soundtrack of landmark films for their epochs.

With the fragrance of nostalgic rock and the vitality of a heart that never stops beating…

Reminding us of inspirations such as the romanticized sonic magic of “Hungry Eyes” in “Dirty Dancing” from 1987 and the vigor of the acclaimed “Eye Of The Tiger” in “Rocky” from 1976, “Wings  manages to inspire and captivate attention , strengthening the muscles and the mind that aims to fly to the horizon.

The theme reinforces this line of vision, by incorporating in the verses the observation of freedom contained in someone’s free flight, accelerated and with confidence, equaling the power of an eagle in the sky, highlighting that this work was created to inspire.

Savoring these energies is like taming destiny, choosing the best path to follow and harvesting the flowers of victory at each step, simply fantastic to admire.

“ Wings ” an energy that motivates, enchants and inspires.

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