Listen To Satellite Train’s Uplifting Anthem ‘Cry’ from ‘The Melbourne Sessions’

Listen To Satellite Train’s Uplifting Anthem ‘Cry’ from ‘The Melbourne Sessions

Time and Time the Melbourne geniuses Satellite Train’ have proved their prowess when it comes to music production, and their latest single “Cry” says exactly that, the message, production and lyrical composition is and has always been on point.

with Michael Paynter’s strong vocals at the forefront, the band’s distinctive sound takes listeners on a trip through a variety of musical styles. “Cry” has a very distinct message that is elated by the singer, the lyrics are touchy and heartwrenching, this is the sophomore release of their debut upcoming album “The Melbourne Sessions”.

The song opens with the gentle sound of piano keys played by John McAll and the guitar strums by Shane O’Mara follows suite.

Just like the title “Cry”, the message paints the cry of a young in solitude, a young girl who has to live her life alone because of the absence of her parents, well one can argue this is a sad story, but here is the plot twist. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspect of all this ‘Satellite Train’ rewrites a beautiful story.

Despite this, the message in the song is not melancholy but ful of inspirations, especially in the triumphant chorus where the singer Paynter encourages the listener to “open up your heart” and “catch a falling star.” It conveys a message of inner strength and trying to find joy even during challenging times.

This single is a perfect preview of what to expect in their upcoming debut album, you can tell the band has a lot to offer their listeners.

Listen to Cry below


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