Satellite Train unveil their anthemic new tune, “Wings”

Satellite Train unveil their anthemic new tune, “Wings”

Hailing from Melbourne in Australia is Satellite Train and just last week saw the outfit unveil their anthemic new tune, “Wings”, with it being a track that can easily get you hooked onto their sound.

Absolutely stunning vocals!

The single is also the first track on their debut album, “The Melbourne Sessions”, and it’s so good they decided to give it the single release treatment. Vocally this song is incredibly strong as the vocalist here seamlessly navigates melodies with emotions in abundance, it’s the kind of vocal that can stay with you long after the track has finished.

Musically of course the track is just as amazing, as you’ve got a lovely backline giving the guitarist a huge canvas to lay down lots of riffs and soaring tones. I can now see the reasoning behind making this the first song on the album, I was hooked and to be honest you could be too!

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