SATELLITE TRAIN: The song “Cry” offers an unforgettable emotional experience

SATELLITE TRAIN: The song “Cry” offers an unforgettable emotional experience

Satellite Train offers a new musical gem with their single “Cry”, taken from their upcoming album, entitled “The Melbourne Sessions”. This song immerses us in a touching story, where a child faces the absence of his parents and the loneliness of childhood. A true emotional journey that conveys a message of inner strength and the search for joy even in difficult times. A song that shines in substance and form that we recommend you discover as soon as possible.

The quality of “Cry” is undeniable, both in terms of composition and production. The musicians of the Australian group show all their excellence and great experience in this piece. The instrumentation is rich and perfectly orchestrated, creating an immersive and captivating atmosphere. The singing lines are of great quality, carried by the singer’s superb voice. The latter demonstrates impressive vocal mastery, captivating the listener from the first notes.

The vocal production is particularly remarkable, especially with the back-ups which accompany the singer’s verses. These harmonized vocals add additional depth and dimension to the song, enhancing its emotional power.

“Cry” is a true musical gem that demonstrates the talent and artistic sensitivity of Satellite Train. This song offers a captivating and touching aural experience, making the wait for their debut album truly anticipation.

With “Cry”, Satellite Train once again demonstrates its ability to create pieces of high quality, skillfully blending emotional lyrics with impeccable instrumentation. Their upcoming album “The Melbourne Sessions” promises to be a work not to be missed.

Photo Credit: GlenX Photography