Satellite Train: Australia’s new sensation

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Satellite Train: Australia’s new sensation

Satellite Train: Australia’s new sensation

When you think of bands with numerous members, which ones come to mind first? Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac, INXS… Right? Well, it was no coincidence that I mentioned all four of these great bands here, after all, they are some of the influences of the newcomer Satellite Train, which not only has many members in its lineup, but also makes pop-rock inspired by Fleetwood Mac at the same time as they are coming from INXS’ homeland: Australia.

Yes, the new sensation of rock has just arrived.

Frontman Michael Paynter

The band has just released their debut album “The Melbourne Sessions” and the delicate “Wings” is the premiere single from it. With 10 well-rounded tracks and suggestive names such as “James Dean” and “Superstar”, Satellite Train‘s first album goes back not only to stadium-animating anthems, but also to those songs full of emotion that we hear when the final credits of films roll in cinemas.

Alternative rock, like surf music, has always been an Australian specialty. There is no need to mention the giants of AC/DC in the field of heavy rock. Now, Satellite Train shows very well that classic rock with a hint of pop and folk is also an Australian powerhouse. Just like the kangaroos, this band will still captivate the emotions of many people around the globe.

More about Satellite Train

Melbourne’s Satellite Train breaks the mold. This unique Australian band features veterans of Icehouse, James Reyne, Paul Kelly and The Black Sorrows, along with a few US friends. Together, they weave a captivating soundscape, blending alternative, pop, rock, jazz, blues, soul, r&b, and even classical influences.

Satellite Train’s debut album “The Melbourne Sessions” and lead single “Wings” were released on February 16, following the success of their earlier single “Superstar” which reached #25 on the independent charts.In tandem with our debut album, we’re crafting a captivating assortment of hand drawn videos, each artfully capturing the essence of the lyrics. Additionally, we’re gearing up to introduce some distinctive side releases in the upcoming year.

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