Cosmonauto Radio | SATELLITE TRAIN – Wings

Cosmonauto Radio - Wings


The sweet melody of the song “Wings” will leave you stuck like a bee to honey, our experience when listening to it was ephemeral and pleasant in every way, it has been said that this work has the intention of infecting us with emotions of freedom and: “the aspiration to witness someone fly without restrictions like an eagle” , it is a fantastic perspective that will bring out a noble version in the audience, with verses full of good spirits that will leave us enchanted and ready to see life with good eyes despite any adversity. .

“SATELLITE TRAIN” is a band that will give a new shine to your day, the riffs of their new hit empower and take us on a path of self-discovery. Their message is constructive for the psyche, this group has a great way of conquering with beautiful tracks, they will leave you fascinated with their compositional ability.

Once “Wings”  has freed you, you will notice how the emotional burdens disappear so that you feel agile and full of joy, this song is ideal for feeding your resilient heart with vigor.

Listen to her and see how invigorating her new song is!


“Wings”  will leave you with your heart in your hand and full of harmony, this song is jubilant so live a sweet pop-rock experience right now…

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