Satellite Train’s synth-Rock anthem of empathy, ‘Wings’

Satellite Train’s synth-Rock anthem of empathy, ‘Wings’

Soaring new single ‘Wings’ brings a blast of 80s influenced synth-rock from freshly formed outfit Satellite Train. The Melbourne-based group is fronted by the dynamic vocals of Michael Painter, known for his work with Icehouse, although you can hear input from all the talented musicians involved in the project.

This cinematic ballad opens with bright, vibrant synths, upbeat percussion, and grooving guitars. It’s a combination that will immediately perk any listener up. This backdrop is also ideal for Painter‘s powerful, clear, and emotive voice with which he effortlessly steers from pop melodies to indie-rock high notes. His impressive range conveys so much feeling and it’s an even match for the potent instrumentation we hear throughout ‘Wings’.

As for the message behind the single, it’s a direct and sensitive one that provides reassurance to someone going through a tough time. There’s a subtle romantic undertone, but mostly Painter and the band offer a comforting and empathetic response to emotional suffering. However, the optimistic atmosphere of the track reminds listeners that even in their darkest moments, there’s brighter days ahead.

If ‘Wings’ has also captured your attention, you’ll be happy to hear that this debut single is set to feature on Satellite Train‘s upcoming album, The Melbourne Sessions.

You can also listen to ‘Wings’ in our Shades of Pop and Indie Rockers playlists.

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