21 Nov

In the emotionally charged lyrical journey that Satellite Train proposes with “Cry,” the song immerses us in the moving story of a child facing the absence of his parents and the loneliness of childhood. Conveying a message of inner strength and the pursuit of joy even in challenging times.

Released on October 13, 2023, this single marks the second step in the Australians’ anticipated album, titled “The Melbourne Sessions.” Following the success of his previous single, “Superstar,” which reached notable positions on the music charts.

The single, recorded during spontaneous sessions in Melbourne, was forged without prior rehearsals or demo recordings. It is a skillfully woven amalgam of musical elements that capture the emotional essence of the song. 

The guitar, under the masterful direction of Shane O’Mara, sets a melancholic tone, resonating with nuances that reflect the emotional journey described in the lyrics. John McAll’s keyboard adds layers of depth, infusing harmonies that evoke both nostalgia and hope. The rhythm section, composed of Pasquale Monea on bass and John (Watto) Watson on drums, provides a solid foundation that propels the song forward, contributing to the sense of resistance that permeates the narrative. Benefiting greatly from the voice of Michael Painter, whose emotive performances elevate the instrumental to new heights.

“Cry” presents itself as a tantalizing preview of what listeners can hear from the Satellite Train album, offering a glimpse of the raw, creative energy that defines “The Melbourne Sessions.” With its moving narrative and captivating sound.

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