Satellite Train Share Empowering Alt-Pop Gem ‘Wings’

Satellite Train Share Empowering Alt-Pop Gem ‘Wings’


A familiar face on our publication, Satellite Train has been growing on us more and more with every release. Having recently unveiled a stunning and complete album, ‘The Melbourne Session’, we have to take notice of their musical prowess and artistic value, showcased time and time again into poignant yet hard-hitting eclectic gems, drenched in fuzzy guitar energy while maintaining a wider outlook. 

Michael Painter leads the project, taking onboard talented musicians from Australia and beyond. In particular, it’s Michael’s vocals that hypnotise the listeners on first listen. Take a song such as ‘Wings’, contained in the aforementioned album: an evocative and dynamic gem, the track is fierce, empowering yet emotional and expressive, allowing us to connect deeper with Painter’s luscious ton.

Channelling hopeful and positive lyricism, the song wishes to push the listeners towards spreading his/her “wings” – a wonderful message that’s truly needed in our dark times. 

A worthy listen! Check out ‘The Melbourne Sessions’ and ‘Wings’ on Spotify: 


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