Satellite Train scores another great hit from their future album

Satellite Train scores another great hit from their future album

Many people who don’t follow the alternative and/or independent music scene often believe that some styles have become extinct or at least are only underground. Maybe this will happen with soft rock/aor, which were giants in the eighties. But, despite not having the glamor of the past, there is a lot of good stuff being produced, maybe even better than what we are used to hearing in the past.

The band SATELLITE TRAIN is a great representative of this scene and has been delivering quality work. Ready to release their upcoming album, “The Melbourne Sessions”, the Australian group has delivered wonderful singles along these lines, but without closing the range. In fact, on the contrary, it also shows flirtations with more current styles.

“Cry”, the highlight of the moment, is one of them and shows the band very well structured, performing an exquisite execution of their work, as well as being very rich in arrangements and details. Starting with the vocal lines, which features a male voice as the main one, and the assistance of a female voice that only enriches the melodic lines.

Speaking of melody, the band doesn’t skimp on it, but also delivers heavy guitars, a consistent kitchen, as well as occasional keyboards. Fans of pop and alternative rock will certainly enjoy “Cry” as well.

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