A few surprise guests help out

During the process of working on the material, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that a couple of highly skilled musicians were willing to contribute to the project. While one of our songs was being played in the studio, Alex Budman approached the engineer and asked to participate in the performance.

We received a call and of course we agreed. He played some beautiful woodwind parts on a song entitled “Beautiful Girls”. We are excited to share it with you! There is a weaving between the woodwind parts performed by Alex Budman and Tony Hicks in this song.

Known for his jazz clarinet playing, Alex is featured in Hal Leonard’s solo transcription collection “Clarinet Omnibook”. Additionally, he performs in many of Los Angeles’ top big bands as a lead alto saxophonist.

A second surprise guest is guitarist Marc Bonilla. Marc helped with some audio engineering for a few months and was inspired enough by what he heard to surprise us with a few licks here and there. We were honored that he did this for us and were pleasantly surprised by the results.

This added an element of surprise to a number of songs. There is something uniquely personal about his style. As a result, Marc Bonilla’s fans who are familiar with his style will be able to identify his occasional guitar licks.

Among the artists Marc worked with are Keith Emerson, Ronnie Montrose, Glenn Hughes, Kevin Gilbert, and Danny Seraphine. Marc has also released a number of solo albums, including EE Ticket, and American Matador, featuring his unique and masterful guitar playing style.