Satellite Train is reviewed by Viola Karmy of Rock Era Magazine

Broken Heart by Satellite Train

Sometimes the greatest results come when we aren’t even trying. Satellite Train started their project as friends who had gathered to have some fun, and their playing resulted in the exquisite rock gem “Broken Heart.”

Satellite Train is a musical project based in Melbourne. The members already play in different bands and thought this could be a fun side project, but the chemistry between them had a different opinion. The band is made up of skilled musicians from diverse Australian and American bands, including Michael Paynter of Icehouse, John Watson of James Reyne, John McCall of The Black Sorrows, Randy Jacobs of Paul Kelly, Shane O’Mara of Paul Kelly, Pasquale Monea of Stephen Cummings, Jamie Muhoberac of John Mayer, and Chris Chaney of Jane’s Addiction.

“Broken Heart” is their debut single that was recently released in October. It’s a four-minute sonic euphoria with a heart-stirring performance. The song’s overall mood is nostalgia for the finest 80s classic rock and some provoking personal memories of a past relationship.

Everything about the song demonstrates these artists’ polished musicianship. The clean bass line, the crispy riffs, and the straightforward drumming all work together in harmony to give a compulsive earworm, but the standout ingredient is the melodic vocal line that offers a timeless performance.

I doubt you’d need a second lesson to become a fan; the band’s charisma will wash over you immediately. However, you can have another atmospheric listening experience with the acoustic version; it carries a dreamy, serene vibe, and regardless of the wistful lyrical content, it’s subtle enough for a dance!

The most likely possibility is that you’ll be hungry for more by Satellite Train, so after you give “Broken Heart” a listen in both versions, you can listen to their song “Lies” and latest live release, “Love My Way,” on their Spotify account.