“Cry” by Satellite Train encourages deep breathing to flow

“Cry” by Satellite Train encourages deep breathing to flow


The delicious sound of “ Cry ” flows through our senses and makes us covet the company of SATELLITE TRAIN at every moment of the day, breathing optimism and restoring the wounds that may be bothering the soul, leaving us eager for the vibrations that the album “ The Melbourne Sessions” will bring.

This composition is light and filled with warm energy, drying tears and warming the heart, with the wonderful rhythmic glow spreading throughout the environment, which makes us smile and relax.

Exquisiteness and enthusiasm surround the senses, generating waves of satisfaction and pleasure, which take us directly to this magnificent performance by the band, where we will feel like guests of honor, enjoying the show.

The words act as an encouragement not to let sadness and difficulties dominate our lives, telling a moving story that encourages us to breathe deeply and look at the positive things we have and could have.

With enthusiasm reigning in the sound, we will feel lighter and more aware of our surroundings, watching the colors of dawn dominate the darkness and mark the beginning of a new journey through time.

You will feel simply good, bathing in contentment when listening to this song.

“ Cry ” is a fantastic presentation that encourages us to live, warming our hearts and essences.

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