Feature: Satellite Train Decodes “Wings”

Feature: Satellite Train Decodes “Wings”

Credit: Glen X Photography

How did everything come together?

It all began with a jam session among musical friends at a rehearsal studio in Melbourne, Australia, bringing together musicians from different musical galaxies. Among them are Susan Turner and Pasquale Monea, a local duo known for their versatile repertoire, spanning from live cabaret performances to underground pop. Shane O’Mara and Randy Jacobs, guitarists renowned for their collaborations with Paul Kelly, alongside pianist John McCall, formerly with The Black Sorrows and currently performing in a cabaret show with The Shanghai Mimi Band. John (Watto) Watson, who tours with the James Reyne band, and Michael Paynter, a fixture on tour with Icehouse. The album ‘The Melbourne Sessions’ reflects the special mix of musicians we have, which you can hear as you listen through each song.

Can you talk about the recording and production process for “Wings?”

“Wings” is the current single, and it sets the tone for ‘The Melbourne Sessions’ album. We recorded most of the album over one fun weekend! No rehearsals, just pure improvisation guided by basic charts. “Wings” was recorded second after “Superstar”, and it became somewhat of a blueprint for some of the songs on the album. We aimed for a raw, live sound, with at most one or two takes. We did use a click track during recording, but we wandered off it a fair bit. Although it’s a studio album we wanted it to have the feel of a live performance.

What impact do you hope “Wings” will have on your audience?

‘The Melbourne Sessions’ album revolves around the theme of freedom, and “Wings” embodies that hopefully. “Wings” is about individuality, breaking free, and soaring like an eagle. It can be interpreted on different levels, Maybe on one level, giving your partner the freedom and space to be themselves instead of trying to control them. We hope it resonates with anyone who’s ever felt held back and inspires them in some way!

How do you continuously grow and evolve as a band?

We approach each set of songs like its own little world, with its own unique sound and theme. We encourage experimentation and keep things light, so any song could take an unexpected turn on any given day and any musician could drive the direction of a song. That’s how we grow and evolve – through exploration and embracing improvisation.

How do you engage with your audience during your live performances to create a memorable experience for them

Honestly, we haven’t hit the live scene yet as a band other than one unrehearsed show. It’s a bit tricky because everyone comes from different bands and tours extensively – for example Michael with Icehouse! A couple of the band members are in the USA also. But hopefully the stars will align, and we can share our music live soon. It somewhat depends on whether there’s interest out there. Hopefully it happens soon!




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