New single from Satellite Train

Australia-based outfit Satellite Train brings together an ensemble of accomplished musicians, featuring talents such as Michael Paynter, Gregg Bisonnete, John McCall, Randy Jacobs, Shane O’Mara, Pasquale Monea, Jamie Muhoberac and Chris Chaney. The band merges their diverse musical backgrounds to create a unique pop rock sound that’s at once familiar and entirely original.

The project first made its debut in October 2022 with “Broken Heart (Acoustic).” Now, building on their initial success, Satellite Train is gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album, The Melbourne Sessions.

This album promises a thrilling run through of their spontaneous and authentic approach, recorded over a weekend in Melbourne without prior rehearsals or demo recordings. The result is a collection of tracks that capture the raw, live essence of their sound, showcasing the talent and chemistry of these talented musicians and their shared sonic vision.

Bringing us another taste of the upcoming record, they share the second single lifted from the album with the track titled “Cry,” a new song that recounts a tale of resilience. Opened by the delicate taps of cymbals as airy guitar leads and crunchy chords craft an intriguing intro before the punch of drums ushers in a stunning pop-focused indie rock sound.

Bright vocal leads dance above the gentle patter of drums, lightly gritty guitar rhythms and fluttering guitar leads that weave between the vocals, “Cry” delivers an enchanting sound of sing-along melodies and heartwarming lyricism. It’s another sensational display of Satellite’s enduring songwriting talent and their skill at bringing to life their songs in a magical way.

Packed full of stunning backing vocals leads that inject a shimmering touch of soul and slick musicianship all wrapped in exquisite sound design that perfectly captures the lofty atmosphere of the song, “Cry” serves to further build the hype for the band’s forthcoming debut LP. With their unique approach and stellar lineup, Satellite Train is on track to continue going from strength to strength and win over new fans with their first album.

Listen to Cry beloiw