Melbourne-based powerful music group Satellite Train is known for their anthemic epic music and powerful vocal…and they always have a story to tell…and with their latest song “Cry” it’s even more of what they’ve given the world…an excellent musical and lyrical storytelling song that is not to be missed.

“Cry” is a story of a young kid that’s suffering from loneliness due to the absence of her parents…a huge hole that is not easily filled, if ever…the song also sends the message that we have to have the resilience and strength within us to go out and find joy even during the hardest of times…

…a bit of a ‘spoiler alert’ is coming up…”Cry” is just one word in the verse which actually says “Don’t Cry”…and that is the plot twist of the song…which is brilliant!

Satellite Train is making some kind of a storytelling milestone in music history…they are telling actually engaging musical stories that have a plot twist that flips your way of thinking and makes you revisit the way you think about stuff in life…

“Cry” starts with a very powerful 80s rock intro kind of vibe…instantly hooking audiences…powerful drums fills, huge guitar riffs, and unusual composition…check, check, and…check. Brilliant.

The music takes an excellent alt-country/rock path with muted guitar riffs, consistent and powerful drum beats, with the lead vocals soaring high and with an excellent range too. The backing vocals too are top-notch, making the anthemic force strong with this one.

The composition and instrumentation are top-notch, powerful at times, and super chill at others…this kind of dynamics in a song really elevates the experience and hooks audiences instantly…we know, we got hooked.

…what really differentiates this song is not just the great musicality it offers, but the message…a message that would translate perfectly to any person in the world, no matter what background, culture or language they speak, it unifies people, focusing on what lies within our souls as human beings.

Wishing all the best to Satellite Train, can’t wait to listen to more…the group has an upcoming album titled “The Melbourne Sessions”, which will be their debut album actually…so will just sit tight here for it.

…in the meantime, make sure to check out Satellite’s Train on Spotify and YouTube for more excellent musical experiences.