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Artisti Online - Wings

“Man dreams of flying, looking from above, gliding over the sea” – this is how Negrita sang in the song “Man dreams of flying” which addresses themes such as freedom and the desire to take flight towards a better future. In fact, since ancient times, man has cherished the dream of flying, a prerogative reserved only for birds that can count on their wings to take flight.

Wings, a symbol of freedom, have inspired books, films and songs and among these there is also “Wings” by Satellite Train, which means “Wings”. Here we talk about this song, which is part of the album “The Melbourne Sessions”, but first let’s get to know this band better which is establishing itself on the international musical stage thanks to the original and innovative music it offers.

Satellite Train is an international collective, a very interesting project made up of established musicians of the caliber of frontman Michael Paynter, Gregg Bisonnete, John McCall, Randy Jacobs, Shane O’Mara, Pasquale Monea, Jamie Muhoberac and Chris Chaney. All these artists have masterfully combined their different backgrounds and musical genres, creating a unique rock sound with a pop base capable of being both familiar and original to the listener’s ears.

The band began as a simple creative project between friends, then evolved into a global project whose members are based between Australia and the United States. Satellite Train has been actively working since 2022, recently releasing two singles as “Superstar” and “Cry”.

The new debut album, as mentioned, is “The Melbourne Sessions” from which the song “Wings” was taken, a showcase of the band’s talent and Michael Paynter’s surprising voice, captured in an alternative pop sound with rock nuances .

The song is introduced by the brilliant notes of the acoustic guitar and the soft sounds of the piano, while Michael’s voice majestically takes over and soars and surfs magnificently on the very intimate introduction. And it is precisely Michael’s dynamic, powerful and emotional singing style that immediately fascinates and immediately attracts the listener’s attention. The cymbal-rolling drums bring a nice boost of energy, all accompanied by smooth instrumentation and Michael’s seductive vocals and lush backing vocals.

The guitar riffs inject a nice dose of rock into the song, which meanders between airy vocals and delicate instrumental tones. “Wings” evokes an intriguing pop rock sound and offers a stunning and mesmerizing ending, leaving an indelible memory that lingers long in the listener’s mind even when the music fades.

“Wings” deals with themes such as freedom, individuality, but also the desire to see someone spread their wings and soar majestically towards their dream. The sound journey reveals the desire to discover oneself and not to stop in front of obstacles.

A fantastic alchemy was created between the band members which highlighted the beauty of each instrument. If you too want to open your wings and take flight towards magical and immersive music, all you have to do is press play and listen to “Wings”. Happy listening!

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