Roger Hart of Little Heroes

During the demo years, we had the pleasure of working with Roger Hart of The Little Heroes. As we were in the studio, Roger was working on his own material. Roger Hart was a member of an Australian band called Little Heroes. Their most popular song is “One Perfect Day”, which I believe to be one of the best Australian songs ever written.


In one of our demo songs, Roger added lead vocals that immediately enhanced the song. The song was infused with the distinctive vocal style of Little Heroes. Currently, we are in the process of locating that demo, and if we locate it, we will release the song as it existed as a demo. As Satellite Train evolved, Roger was another musician with whom we had the pleasure of working.

Following the breakup of the Little Heroes, Roger Hart became a writer and meditation trainer. He has written several books on meditation, including “Happy to Burn: Meditation to Energise Your Spirit” and “Love & Imagination”. His most recent publication appears to be a fiction work. Roger is one of the calmest and nicest individuals I have ever met, so I strongly recommend that you check out his books.