Rock Era Magazine discusses “Shameless” (Promo Mix)

Shameless by Satellite Train

As a part of their Spacewalk collection, Satellite Train released the lead single Shameless on the 20th of January, 2023. With seasoned artists from Australia and America, Satellite Train was formed with diverse influences and mixed fresh sound that shows their real talent, as they’re planning to emerge on a release streak in 2023, Satellite Train are going to release 2 different collections “The Melbourne Sessions & Spacewalk” simultaneously. But first, let’s dig deep into Shameless.

Satellite Train opened Shameless with lite catchy guitars and smooth chill vocals, setting the song’s mood right from the beginning. They started progressing with a more open sound and bright melodies, expanding their boundaries without losing the mood they’d set. Those guys successfully created a mellow streaming flow with an unmistakable groove, all in a solid multi-layered structure that keeps the listener hooked and entertained. The vocal melody, dreamy guitars, groovy bass, and jazzy enjoyable drumming are all tightly bonded together in perfect harmony and smooth flow, pushing the song’s interesting dynamics forward towards a beautifully catchy mood with an extremely organic and authentic warm sound.

Satellite Train wisely used everything they have creating Shameless, cleverly using every element in an arrangement that shows their sense of melody, vision, and top-notch writing skills, hitting deeply emotional spots with their touching sound. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more from Satellite Train, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!