Rising Artist Blog – “Lies” (Promo Mix) by Satellite Train

“Lies” by Satellite Train

Satellite Train does a great job of painting a picture of the reality the lyrics are living in. “Should I burn for you?/Deceiving me with all your lies-“ It sounds as though Satellite Train just wants to save their subject. They would even go along with a false lifestyle just to stick around. “You say it’s cold/ While the sun shines on you.”

This mix of country, rock and, blues will have listeners engaged throughout the entire four minutes and forty seconds. The lyrics “Why do you lie/ lure me with your lies” ends the song and echo’s in its listeners heads, becoming unforgettable.

This may be a new band for some listener’s, but with every play, they continue to widen their audience and give trance-like performances, turning everyone into a lifelong fan.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester