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The feeling of Satellite Train with “Broken Heart”

The feeling of Satellite Train with “Broken Heart”

Today we bring you back to Satellite Train, an Australian band that presents us with their other single called “Lies” released this November 11, a song with touches of classic rock and pop that you will surely love. 

Michael’s voice conveys the sentiment proposed by the lyrics, which speaks of a dramatic relationship that is very complicated.

“What do you want

what do you need

why do you lie

Deceive with your lies ”

With a happy melody at the beginning only with the guitar and the bass so that in the bridge all the instruments appear giving a darker tone as the lyrics become deeper, the different changes of rhythm were undoubtedly my favorites, with a keyboard more protagonist in the chorus increases the intensity with a more emotional moment. 

The group did a great job on this single, the lyrics and the melody went hand in hand, something that I loved. As I said before, it is a band with a lot of talent and a promising future.

They should take the time to listen to their songs, and taking advantage of the occasion the band announced on January 20 the premiere of a new single “Shameless” I leave you the LINK so you can listen to it