Musical Maestro John McAll

Satellite Train features Australian musician John McAll on piano. John was one of the original musicians and contributes to the material with his own distinctive melodic piano style. A key component of the Satellite Train sound is John’s piano playing.

Besides being an extraordinary musician, he is also a composer, arranger, musical director, and producer. “The Devil May Care” was one of the first satellite train songs written by John, a beautifully melodic and catchy tune featuring the vocals of Rebecca Barnard.

He has contributed to music in the genres of jazz, blues, classical, afrobeat, and also to theatre. Among the Australian artists John has worked with are Australian Crawl, Ross Wilson, Debra Byrne, Renee Geyer, I’m Talking, and Vince Jones. In recent years, John has been a key member of the Australian band The Black Sorrows.

John’s unique style strongly influences Satellite Train’s signature sound. His incredible musicianship is complemented by his wit and sense of humor, making him a pleasure to work with.