Musica En Palabras Brazil reviews “Superstar”

Satellite Train with their new single “Superstar” and they announce their next album.

Satellite Train with their new single “Superstar” and they announce their next album.

It’s a pleasure to tell you about Melbourne based Australian band Satellite Train bringing us their new single “Superstar” which will be part of their debut album “The Melbourne Sessions”. Inspired by Australian football that from the first chord of his music, you feel an instant connection to his energy, creativity and passion. Conformed by friends Michael Paynter, John McAll, Shane O’mara, Randy Jacobs, John Watson, Pasquale Monea and Tori Rosa

Randy Jacobs (Satellite Train)


The band has a unique sound that blends elements of rock, pop, and electronica to create an exciting and captivating listening experience. The voice is particularly impressive, with a wide variety of tones and an ability to convey intense emotions in each song along with the lyrics that are also an integral part of its appeal.


One of the highlights of the album is its impeccable production. The arrangements are elegant and sophisticated, and the band’s sound is cohesive and perfectly balanced. The drums and bass create a solid foundation for the guitars and synths, which add an extra dimension to the songs.


Satellite Train are an incredibly talented and passionate band, they are original, keep you feeling emotionally charged, and their ability to blend different genres to create a unique sound is impressive, all in all a listening experience not to be missed.