Music For All Portugal features song “Shameless” (Promo Mix).

With “Shameless”, Satellite Train kicks off “Spacewalk” compilation

The Australians at Satellite Train continue to work hard and, even better, releasing material in the form of compilations and/or trilogies, where they bring a different approach to each one of them. Now, with “Shameless”, they start the “Spacewalk” compilation, which they intend to present a more refined pop sound.

One of the methods of the group, which also features North American musicians, is to rescue the traditional sound of past decades, mainly those of the 80s and early 90s. like something from the second half of the 90s.

This is because “Shameless” brings an intense melody, and in a radio ballad rhythm it is performed as a true 90s hit. Its arrangements, with bases of acoustic and electric strings intertwining, simple cooking and a discreet but essential keyboard, make it sophisticated, but at the same time easy to assimilate.

The charming bridge and strong chorus are the icing on the cake, further situating the song in such a period. But, as Satellite Train knows how to do very well, in addition to giving it a modern look, it brings a production with Dolby Atmos mixing, allowing a three-dimensional listening experience to the listener.