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The feeling of Satellite Train with “Broken Heart”

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In October 2022 the Melbourne-based band released their first single called “Broken Heart”. They are a couple of friends who got together to make music for fun, which turned out very well for them since they created this wonderful rock piece. For the band members this is a parallel project because they are in different Australian and American groups, led by Michael Paynter (Icehouse) , Gregg Bisonnete (Ringo Starr) , John McCall (The Black Sorrows) , Randy Jacobs and Shane O’Mara (Paul Kelly) , Pasquale Monea (Stephen Cummings) , Jamie Muhoberac (John Mayer) and Chris Chaney(Jane’s Addiction).

With a melancholic letter, which recalls some previous relationship, it expresses the pain and suffering, as it is in the title, it leaves you with a broken heart.

“Because I’m the only one to blame

I’m glad to be unhappy

so close the door

and leave behind

The pieces of my

Broken Heart”

The melody begins calmly until little by little the guitars are heard with a very rock riff that continues to give way to the bridge, the bass with a clear sound, which plays with the scale when passing notes and the drums that enhances the authority. of the simple Michael’s voice impresses us, dominating each note sung with a lot of feeling. All this together explodes in the last chorus that gives it an incredible epicity.

A very good job on the part of the production, a song that keeps you with a very high energy, wanting to continue listening to more and more thanks to the talented group. Next week we will bring you the review “ Lies ” another great song from Satellite Train.

I leave you the link of the acoustic version.