Music Arena GH – Satellite Train out with “Lies” (Promo Mix)

Satellite Train Out With “Lies”


The track is a fantastic example of modern pop rock that showcases Michael Paynter’s amazing vocal and songwriting talents. The song is driven by a classic rock-style guitar riff, as well as a driving backbeat that anchors the song. The lyrics of “Lies” carry a strong message of self-reflection and introspection, and they are delivered with a passionate energy that listeners will enjoy.

Paynter and the other Satellite Train members contribute a distinctive blend of male vocals to the song. Strong harmonies and an instantly recognizable melody combine to create a satisfying and emotional listening experience.

Overall, “Lies” is an incredible first single from Satellite Train that has great chart potential. A high-caliber work of pop-rock music that is easily embraced by a broad audience is produced by the band as a whole. We eagerly anticipate what the future will bring for this fascinating new enterprise.

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