Michael Paynter leads the way


As a result of Michael Paynter joining Satellite Train, these releases were made possible. His talent as a singer and musician made him the ideal choice for the role of lead singer of Satellite Train.

Icehouse’s “Can’t Help Myself” was the first song we ever recorded, but the fact that Michael is a member of Icehouse is only a coincidence. The following is a brief biography of Michael. As well as being a longstanding member of Icehouse, Michael is a member of the Jimmy Barnes Band and has toured extensively with both bands in recent years. Apart from his participation in The Voice Australia, Michael Paynter has also had a successful solo career.

One thing that we quickly realized about Michael is that, in addition to his natural musical talent, he is probably one of the most humble and hard-working musicians. Satellite Train is characterized by his creativity and signature vocals. Michael’s vocals range from raspy and bluesy to funky and soulful to haunting and beautifully melodious.

Satellite Train began as a fun side experiment, but as the puzzle came together, Michael was the final piece that made it all possible. While Michael is a perfect complement to bands such as Icehouse and Jimmy Barnes, he excels in Satellite Train, delivering some of his best vocal performances.