Mezemerized Magazine reviews “Superstar”

Mezmerized Magazine review of “Superstar”.

We are proud to be bringing you the latest’s musical goodness from Satellite Train, once again. It was not long ago when we were busy writing about ‘Shameless’, gracefully declaring: “Shameless’ places itself at the intersection of country, pop and rock, ultimately flourishing thanks to the grandeur-style vocals of head honcho Michael Paynter”. Well, the Australian group seems to be on a creative roll, now releasing a fantastic new offering, ‘Superstar’. The single marks the first tune taken from their ‘Melbourne Sessions’ collection. 

They sure know what they are doing: there’s always been a strong and fierce classic rock pride in their music imprint, although often interlaced with modern elements and production styles. For what concern us, we love their raw and unfiltered energy, contrasting so well with a more nuanced and at times poignant lyrical attitude. Take ‘Superstar’: while drenched in lush and modern, eclectic rock tones, the record also shares a certain cinematic allure, especially in the synthetic textures and emotional vocals, perhaps exhibiting a certain glam quality. 

Lyrically, the track seeks to be a tribute to Aussie Rules Football. As Satellite Train explains: “Superstar” is our way of expressing our enthusiasm for the game through music. Those musicians include Michael Paynter, John McAll, Shane O’mara, John Watson, Pasquale Monea and Tori Rosa.” 

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