Metal Asylum Radio review of Shameless (Promo Mix)

Satellite Train – Shameless

Here is the second review of the day for Australian band Satellite Train. A band that cleverly combines a multitude of genres to create a nostalgic 80’s feel, that also has a modern twist, Satellite Train are a force to be reckoned with. Taking a somewhat different approach to releasing music, the band are simultaneously dropping tracks from two different projects, The Melbourne Sessions, as mentioned in todays previous review, and Spacewalk, the project this track is from.

Shameless was released on 20/01/2023 and has a more pop / rock feel to it, with the production more polished than The Melbourne Sessions.

Leaning more towards the soft rock side of things, this track is more of a ballad than the previous song, but one that is just as strong and powerful.

The musicianship on this song is more laid back, with softer drumming and guitar work. The song does build in intensity to an almost crescendo, giving the track emotion, passion, and power.

Once again, the vocals are very reminiscent of the 1980’s, with a retro vibe throughout, but still sounding fresh and modern.

This is a band that can seemingly turn their hand to both sides of the rock genre and do it very well indeed.

Another great track and we are looking forward to hearing many more!

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