Melbourne filmmaker Donald Percy

Several months ago, when we decided to make a video for our debut single “Broken Heart,” we contacted Melbourne-based film director Donald Percy. It was through a video we made for a demo that was never released that we first became acquainted with him. He was one of the few people who got to hear one of the early demo songs and was a fan.

Upon approaching him to ask if he’d make the video, he told me he loved the song and expressed real interest in making a music video. He explained that he was undergoing medical treatment and had some health issues, so it was going to be somewhat challenging. Therefore, if we were in a rush, it might be better to find someone else. He was very enthusiastic about creating the video, so I decided that I would wait until Donald was able to produce the video, even if that took some time to happen.

His concept was as follows. “The lead vocalist would sing the song and record themselves singing into their own phone as if having a “Facetime” call? So that small portions of lip sync could be seen via the mobile phones – with the phones thrown in various places. Handbags, groceries, a passenger side seat, etc.”

Donald, about a month later, explained that this would be extremely challenging for him because of his current health situation and related fatigue. He was working on a brand-new creative concept that would allow him to make the video from home, and that all these props were set up around his house. Unfortunately a few weeks later, Donald emailed me to inform me that he was unable to make the video due to physical fatigue related to his health. He told me he was disappointed to not be able to make the video, and asked if he might be able to revisit the project again in the future if possible. Accordingly, I told him that it would certainly be possible, and he could make the next video when he was feeling better.

After returning to Australia just a few days ago, I was about to contact him to inquire if he was doing better most importantly, and if so, ask if he would like to make a video for the second release “Lies”. Perhaps using the same concept he had developed a few months back.

I was deeply saddened to learn that Donald had passed away on 29th August 2022. I was unaware of the seriousness of his health condition. As it was none of my business, I did not ask what his health condition was and instead focused on the fact that he really wanted to make this video. And I wanted to make it possible for him to make the video. My deepest sympathies are extended to his family at this time.