Lost In The Manor UK interviews Satellite Train about “Superstar”

Interview: Satellite Train – Superstar

Originally formed by friends to experiment with musical concepts in the studio and play the occasional live show, Satellite Train is proud to release their debut material. With the powerful vocals of Icehouse’s Michael Paynter at the forefront, the band’s unique sound takes listeners on a journey through a variety of musical styles. Satellite Train features a talented lineup of musicians from both Australian and American bands, such as Michael Paynter of Icehouse, John Watson of James Reyne, John McCall of The Black Sorrows, Shane O’Mara and Randy Jacobs of Paul Kelly, Pasquale Monea of Stephen Cummings, Jamie Muhoberac of John Mayer, Chris Chaney of Miley Cyrus, and Gregg Bissonette of Ringo Starr.

By Kamil Bobin


Mixing engineer Doug Brady

Kamil) Hey Satellite Train, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. This is the third time I’m interviewing you. How would you summarize the last several months?

We have been very occupied with creating new material and are thrilled to announce that we have some great songs in the works.

Who helped you most in your musical journey?

I believe creativity comes from within. While we haven’t sought external help for this project, each member of the band has dedicated themselves to crafting and recording the best material possible. Currently, Jamie Muhoberac, our keyboard player, is making a significant contribution, and Doug Brady has stepped in to assist with mixing the songs and has had a powerful influence. Nonetheless, every member of the band has played a valuable role in making Satellite Train a reality.

Your latest release is ‘Superstar’. Can you share with us the background of its creation and did any unusual things happen during its creation?

This track is an homage to a sport popular in Australia known as Australian Rules Football. With post-Covid game crowds often surpassing 90,000 people, this sport holds a significant place in the hearts of Australians. The Australian members of our band collaborated on this piece as a tribute to Aussie Rules Football. While the song will surely resonate with Australian fans, it’s likely that it will also strike a chord with enthusiasts of other sports. During the recording process, nothing out of the ordinary occurred. This track is part of our song collection entitled “The Melbourne Sessions,” which was captured in first or second takes to give it a raw and live sound. “Superstar” is the debut single from this collection.

What social issues are you most passionate about?

Similar to many individuals, there is no singular cause that I am solely devoted to, but I do believe it’s crucial to have an awareness and understanding of issues such as poverty, discrimination both in and out of the workplace, environmental concerns, homelessness, and more. In Australia, there has been a significant effort to address historical injustices towards the country’s Indigenous peoples. Though it has been a slow process, progress is being made and I’m passionate about this important work.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest musical trends?

Independent music blogs feature a plethora of exceptional sound artists, and it would be fantastic to see these bands achieve greater success. From what I’ve heard through their social media posts and the blogs themselves, their music is truly amazing. Although they may not necessarily align with the latest music trends, I believe that artistic merit transcends fleeting trends.

What do you feel is the best song that you have ever released and why?

To be honest, it’s difficult to say at this point as we have only released a few songs. However, “Broken Heart” has become somewhat of a favorite, and we’ve experimented with a few different mixes of the track. Our hope is that this song will reach its full potential and resonate with listeners.

Why do you want to record and release your own music?

To be honest, I don’t think it was much of a deliberate choice. Like many people, we have passions and interests that we pursue. However, life often presents obstacles that make it difficult to pursue these passions. Despite the challenges, our love for playing instruments from a young age and recording music in a studio drove us forward. The creative process can be incredibly enjoyable and addictive. Initially, we weren’t certain about releasing our music, but recent pressure and positive feedback from listeners has encouraged us to continue releasing material. We are excited about the prospect of releasing more music in the future.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans.

At this point, our interactions with listeners are primarily through social media. However, we believe that music has the power to profoundly impact people, and if someone is moved to reach out to us about our music, it’s important to respond. It’s not just about discussing the music itself, but also the brief but fascinating connections that can be made through these social media interactions.

What’s an average day like for you?

6am to midnight 🙂 I think that sums it up.

What can I wish you regarding your career and private life?

Recording and releasing our songs hasn’t been a straightforward process. Our project is somewhat unique, and until recently, it didn’t seem like we would release anything at all. However, now that we have released some music, we are eager to release all of the songs we have written. We hope that there is enough interest in our music to make that possible. Our songs have continued to improve, and if we can release all of them, it would be an incredible accomplishment!