Susan Turner


Susan Turner is an Australian singer known for her haunting vocals and dynamic stage presence. Born and raised in Australia, Susan’s passion for music was evident from an early age. She honed her skills as a vocalist and developed a unique style that effortlessly blends elements of rock, pop, and soul.

In her musical journey, Susan formed the band called The Ruby Set, where she collaborated with fellow musician Pasquale Monea, who played bass and drums. The Ruby Set gained attention, delivering infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and heartfelt lyrics that earned them a dedicated following. Susan’s warm vocals served as the centerpiece of the band’s sound, while Pasquale showcased his talents as both a bass player and drummer during his time with The Ruby Set.

While leading The Ruby Set, Susan’s talent as a backing vocalist also caught the attention of Australian band Satellite Train. Recognizing her exceptional vocal abilities, Satellite Train invited Susan to join them as a backing vocalist. Susan’s harmonies and vocal contributions added a new dimension to Satellite Train’s music, elevating their live performances and studio recordings.

Throughout her career, Susan Turner has showcased her versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning between genres and styles. Whether fronting her own band or lending her vocals as a backing vocalist, Susan continues to leave a lasting impression on both fans and fellow musicians alike.

Her talent and artistry continue to shine, and fans eagerly await her next musical endeavors, excited to witness her ongoing evolution as a singer and performer.