John McAll


John McCall is a pianist, composer, arranger, and producer who performs with the Australian band Satellite Train. He is also one of the original members of The Black Sorrows, a popular blues rock band. John has played with many other Australian artists, such as Australian Crawl and Ross Wilson. He is known for his versatile and expressive piano playing that adds a distinctive touch to Satellite Train’s music.

John McAll has also been involved in other musical projects, such as **I’m Talking**, a funk-pop band that won two **Countdown Awards** in 1984², and **Panopticon**, a classical work that won the **Instrumental Work of the Year** at the **Classical Music Awards** in 2006¹. He has also collaborated with renowned singer **Debra Byrne** in a jazz program that was performed at **Montsalvat**, Australia’s oldest artists’ colony³. John McAll is a versatile and accomplished musician who has contributed to various genres and styles of music.