Jéssica Mar Reviews the acoustic version of “Broken Heart” (Promo Mix)

02 – Satellite Train – “Broken Heart”

The new project in the music scene, Satellite Train, shares its new song titled “Broken Heart.” This is the debut single of this new band, which brings highly professional musicians with brilliant minds. They started their project as friends who came together to have fun, and their performances resulted in what could become one of the biggest names in current music. Satellite Train already has three singles in their career, “Lies” and “Love My Way,” with a nostalgic yet modern sound, thanks to the youthful freshness of the band that managed to incorporate diverse influences to create diverse and timeless music. Let’s keep Satellite Train on our radar to follow their upcoming releases because they have everything to grow and start 2023 with great news. They are a perfect fit for Antena 1 and Alpha FM radio stations. “Broken Heart” brings a sound that blends 80s soft rock and contemporary indie pop with subtle touches of 90s alternative rock. It’s an exclusive mixture that resulted in a captivating four-minute song with an emotional performance. The acoustic guitar lines create a more acoustic atmosphere, along with the powerful vocals of Michael Paynter, who exudes presence and is reminiscent of rock legends like Bon Jovi, Winger, and Mr. Big, taking the listener on a unique sonic journey. The instrumentation is perfect, with a harmony and synergy that’s hard to find, where the bass stands out along with the gentle drums and the typical guitar riffs and keyboards that harken back to classic 80s rock. Everything fits together, showcasing the charisma of the musicians who seem destined to work together. The song stands out with its addictive melody that makes the chorus stick in the listener’s mind and sing along, like a hit from a Love Metal compilation, with all the sentimental energy of classic romantic rock. Satellite Train features a unique combination of artists from Australia and the United States. This includes Australian musicians Michael Paynter, Pasquale Monea, Susan Turner, John McAll, John McAll, and Shane O’Mara, Randy Jacobs, Jamie Muhoberac, Chris Cheney, and Gregg Bissonette. Among the guests are Allison Iraheta, Clive Young, Tony Hicks, and Marc Bonilla. Michael Paynter is the vocalist and creator of the project. Satellite Train showcases some of his best vocal performances. In addition to being a member of Icehouse, he is also a member of Jimmy Barnes. It is his creative contribution and versatile vocal abilities that bring Satellite Train together. Follow Satellite Train on social media: https://satellitetrainband.com https://facebook.com/satellitetrain https://instagram.com/satellitetrain