Info Music shares their thoughts on “Superstar”.

Enjoy Satellite Train’s Original Single “Superstar”

Enjoy Satellite Train’s original single ‘Superstar’.
In music, exploring new sounds and genres can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience.

n this raw and rave single, Satellite Train produced this track with the aim of touching the souls of all people in the most beautiful way. With the individual potential at their disposal, they always manage to create sensations in the listeners; this is the case in this new single entitled “Superstar” which gives us a strong motivation.

From the start of the song, we hear sublime voices superimposed which give a euphoric sensation in which an atmosphere full of excitement bathes. Lyrically, this masterpiece brings a moving message of tribute to sports athletes, especially Australian rules football as we know how many people are passionate about the sport in this country.

It’s just magnificent what Satellite Train, it reassures itself to always put us in a trance with its exciting synth strings. Everything is perfect ! From vocalism to instrumentation, we lose nothing by listening to this group because their character and their inspiration forge the qualitative performance of this piece. Take a look on the music platforms!