Indie O’clock Brazil Music Blog Reviews “Superstar”


By: Tati Teixeira 

Satellite Train, Michael Paynter’s project, has just given life to classic and innovative rock and roll at the same time, his new single is impactful.

Superstar is the new single from the genius Satellite Train, an alternative rock full of attitude, energy and extremely contagious, a complete and intense song.

The song brings us rock nostalgia through the ages, the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s and at the same time manages to bring innovations and a lot of authenticity, an impressive track that conquers us easily and quickly we are singing along.

The track is sensational, it grows with the passing of the seconds, exploding in its chorus, an inspiring song, rock that brings cheer and encouragement, a gift to all music lovers, extremely beautiful vocals that give intensity to the music and manage to bring the songs to life. words reaching the listener in a breathtaking way and getting your message across.

Beautiful, powerful music that changes people’s lives, listen to this work of art now: