Indie Dock Music Blog has reviewed “Shameless” (Promo Mix).

Satellite Train – Shameless

The band Satellite Train was created by Australian and American musicians who were primarily looking for friendly creative freedom in this musical project. Satellite Train record songs as live as possible to convey the spirit of song art and the purity of the musical message.

Their single ‘Shameless’ was released earlier this year and gave us a charming and emotional alternative pop song. The vocalist perfectly conveys the sensual range of this musical composition, adding a dose of emotion and inspiration to his vocals.  

The sound of a live ensemble decorates this song with fresh energy and a beautiful leitmotif. The song ‘Shameless’ reveals to us Satellite Train’s powerful talent and their ability to create original and memorable songs.  

Listen to the single ‘Shameless’ on Spotify below and immerse yourself in the creative world of the wonderful band Satellite Train.