He is a legend, Guy Gray

Guy Gray was one of the first recording engineers we worked with. Nowadays, Guy is regarded as a legend in the Australian music industry. At the time, he had not yet achieved that status, but showed remarkable skill in the studio. Guy has worked on a number of our demos that have come and passed. If something did not work, we would try something else, and so on. We even got Guy behind the microphone to sing the vocals on one demo. At that time, anything was possible.

In one instance, we picked up Guy from Melbourne airport. He had flown in from Sydney. A song we were working on had wolves as its theme, and at the beginning of the song you could hear a wolf howling. The following is a true story. On a misty evening as we were driving from the airport on the freeway, something that appeared to be a wolf ran directly in front of  and past our vehicle It sounds crazy, but it’s true. Almost like something out of a horror film.

Guy has mixed songs for artists including The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, and Paul Kelly. In addition to Midnight Oil’s ‘Diesel & Dust’ and David Bowie’s ‘Tin Machine II’, his engineering credits include the official Australian Olympic team song, ‘You’re Not Alone’. He has also been training young and aspiring recording engineers on the ins and outs of recording and mixing.

Currently, Guy has not collaborated with us on any of our releases, however if he is available and interested we may consider contacting him to do a mix of one of our upcoming songs.