Guitar Extraordinaire Shane O’Mara

One of the original members of Satellite Train is Shane O’Mara. An accomplished guitarist and a record producer, he has a distinctive style. In the past, Shane O’Mara has worked as a guitarist for Paul Kelly. Tim Rogers, Chris Wilson, Stephen Cummings, and Rebecca’s Empire. Shane received an ARIA Award for Best Original Soundtrack Album in 2002 for “Lantana” and he has produced several other ARIA Award-winning albums.

Shane’s distinctive guitar style contributes to the signature sound of Satellite Train. To Satellite Train, he brings raw guitar energy, flavourful R&B and funk, and melodic acoustic guitars.

It should be noted that Shane was integral to the early experimental Satellite Train’s songs and he co-wrote “Nothing In This World” which provided the first indication of what would become Satellite Train’s trademark sound.